Well, I’ve managed to screw up my back somehow. On Sunday night, my back, near the middle of my shoulder blades tightened up. It didn’t affect me sleeping at all but it certainly affected my work day on Monday. In certain postures I could just feel the tightness of the muscles causing discomfort. Luckily, just sitting up perfectly straight relieved a lot of tension. A hot shower on Monday evening loosened the muscles enough for some temporary relief.

Tuesday brought a pain-free day as the muscles seemed to relax on their own. Thinking my ordeal was over, I went to sleep on Tuesday night, only to wake up this morning with a renewed tightness in my back again. Today was pretty much a repeat of Monday. I wonder what the cause is. Am I just getting old? Bad posture? Pinched nerve? Stress (I don’t feel all that stressed)? I think I may drop by the doctor’s office tomorrow to get professional opinion about this. By the way, this sorta sums up how I feel about my back.

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