We’re gonna have to do something different tonight. The time I allocated for blogging is going to be used up to determine why I got charged a service fee in one of my bank accounts. You’ll be following along as I discover the truth. A few days ago, I logged onto and discovered the service charge with one of my CIBC accounts. Usually CIBC gives me a service charge but then refunds it almost all back. I wind up paying like a dollar a month. This, however, happens at the end of the month. This service charge was in the middle of the month and I did not get a refund.

Ok, let me log onto my CIBC account to see if the charge is actually there since sometimes gets the labels wrong.

Wait, there seems to be something weird here. Hold on…

Yep, is totally screwed up. It somehow decided the $20 or so I spent at Boston Pizza was a bank service charge. It has also decided all my Interac purchases have been at a business called “The Point”.

Sorry folks for the anti-climatic ending.

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