I wasn’t planning on writing about recycling tonight but I just went to put some bottles and plastic containers in my building’s recycling room. I’ve noticed for a while that some people put no effort into sorting their recyclables. It’s as if they treat recycling bins as another garbage bin where someone is going to throw out the stuff that doesn’t belong and sort the stuff that does. The bins are clearly marked with what is acceptable and what isn’t. There are even pictures so that if you can’t read English, you can understand the whole process.

Tonight I saw stuff in the wrong bins. I saw items that clearly weren’t recyclable in the recycle bins.  I saw a paper bag full of glass containers in the containers bin. It takes seconds to empty out the bag and then place the bag in the paper bin. Why can’t people just go the distance?  I also saw a plastic bag full of recyclable items like paper, bottles, and plastic containers just sitting in the paper bin. Sort your damn stuff!

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