I had a very boring Sunday. As evidence, the following incident was the most exciting thing to happen to me today.

I went to do some housecleaning today as my apartment is a mess. I slid open the glass patio door in my living room to get some fresh air in while I cleaned. After I was done, I went to close the door when I saw a bee had flown into my apartment and was in between one of my living room windows and the blinds. I could tell it was trying to get out because it kept flying against the glass. Since it was trying to leave and it wasn’t antagonizing me, I decided to leave it alone. It kept trying to fly through the glass though and that wasn’t really going to work. I wanted to tell him to just fly over to his left since that was where the patio door was wide open. I unfortunately don’t know how to communicate with bees, so I just had to stay silent and hope he’d figure it out on his own.

To his credit, he did stop flying into the glass. Instead, he flew in the opposite direction, through the blinds and back into my living room. I was about to bolt into the safety of my bedroom when the bee flew back towards the windows. He landed on a part of the patio door, just mere inches away from the edge where the door opening was and freedom awaited. So close, yet so far. He figured it out pretty quickly though as he found the opening and took off into the sky. I was happy for the both of us, he found freedom again and I didn’t have to worry about having him stay over for the night. I briefly worried about him bringing his buddies back to my place but that never happened.

I hope your Sunday was way better than mine.

Last but not least, this blog looks way better in 1996 (might contain music).

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