I’m not sure why but it took me this long to hear about the term “Canadian tuxedo” for the first time. That term echoed within my ears just last week. Apparently, it was made popular in the movie Super Troopers. For those who were as lost as I was, a “Canadian tuxedo” is an outfit that consists of denim on the bottom as well as denim on top. Most commonly, this outfit is accomplished by wearing denim jeans and then a denim jacket. If you want to see what this looks like, you can visit this site or just go to your local Wal-Mart.

I’ve known for many, many years this look was a major fashion faux pas, I just didn’t know it had a name. It surprised me that it was attributed to Canadians as I’ve seen this look worn by people of many nationalities. By the way, there’s also an outfit called a “Russian tuxedo”. That consists of a track suit. Back to the Canadian version now. It really amazes me that people don’t understand the denim on denim or as I call it a “blue on blue incident” is not a good look. The first problem is it’s very difficult to get two items of denim that match in colour exactly. One of the items will darker and it just looks off. Even if you were able to get both items exactly the same colour, it leads to our second problem, too much denim. It would be like you just draped your entire body in a continuous swath of denim. I believe such outfits are acceptable if you perform in Vegas but not if you’re going to buy a pack of smokes at the 7-11.

Just today, I was walking past a bus stop where there were people lined up waiting for a bus. In said lineup, were two dudes wearing denim on denim. Maybe this is a Canadian thing after all.

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