As I wrote in a previous post, I intended to finally paint over the drywall repairs in my apartment. This weekend that actually happened. Though I’ve never painted any home that I’ve lived in, the whole process went relatively smooth. I started a bit later than I had wanted on Saturday but I was still able to apply the primer coat and a single coat of paint before the end of the day. Beforehand, I envisioned several accidents, including me falling off a step ladder, spilling paint onto my carpet, having paint bleed onto the trim, kicking over a paint tray, and forgetting the ice cream on the counter. None of those things happened which surprised the hell out of me since I don’t really fancy myself as a home repair type of dude.

The one thing that did go wrong was something that I was warned about. Since I was trying to match paint with existing painted walls, there was a danger it wouldn’t exactly match. I had the best information with me as I knew that Benjamin Moore made the paint and I knew what kind it was. I even brought a small paint chip with me to the paint store so they could do spectrometer analysis to do the colour matching. By the time the third coat dried on Sunday evening, I knew I had a slight problem. The colour itself was almost perfect, no complaints there. The problem is that the new paint is shinier that the old paint. I’m not sure what happened with the sheens but I’m wondering what my options are. I know using a fine sandpaper can help remove a bit of the sheen but I’m not sure that’ll do the trick.


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