A few weeks ago, I started an experiment by putting some ads on a few parts of my site. You won’t notice any ads on the main page of my blog because you, my loyal readers, are fine people and I don’t want to subject you to that. How am I doing, revenue-wise with this ad experiment? Well, I’m probably going to break some rules by telling you this but I’ve generated a whopping $0.00 from 377 ad impressions. Not one single visitor has clicked on an ad. I don’t expect you to click on them because you’re smart people. I’m counting on the random visitors to click on ads.

I’m not sure how other people are generating money with their web sites and ads but it’s clear to me my site isn’t positioned correctly to be making money in that manner.

4 thoughts on “I AIN’T GETTING RICH”

  1. What you need is for Hollywood to finally launch the blockbuster movie project ‘Wang Flies’. then the clicks will be rolling in left and right.

  2. So it would make money for you if I clicked on a few? I am altruistic enough to do that for you…Let me know…

  3. Jo, that’s very nice of you but I’m not allowed to instruct my readers to click on ads. *wink*

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