For the last several years a former co-worker who is also a friend of mine has been living in the same building as I am. My friend, whom I shall refer to as DeShawn, has been very serious about getting into the real estate market for the last several months. The apartment he is renting isn’t for sale, so that wasn’t an option. DeShawn was looking to stay in the neighbourhood. I, for somewhat selfish reasons, was also hoping he’d find something very close by as well. It’s been a real treat having a friend live in the same building. It reminds me of my old university dorm days, except our homes are much nicer and larger.

DeShawn an his realtor found a nice apartment that was just about perfect but it was in a bad location. It was located across the river and only accessible by a bridge. In my opinion, bridges are bad news. In the end, he came to his senses and didn’t put an offer down on that home because it would have added a major hassle to his commute twice a day. It was a smart choice. Then I noticed that the apartment above me had been recently listed on the market. I immediately told my friend about this and we were both excited about the prospect of living even closer together! We looked at the listing and were planning on going to the next open house to take a look at the place. I’ve been quite curious about the place upstairs since it was the apartment that leaked water into the ceiling of my bathroom. It was not to be unfortunately. Two days before the open house, I discovered the apartment had been removed from the listing. I did some digging around and the apartment was sold with less than a month on the market. The listing price was decent, it wasn’t a fire sale for sure. Good news for me but bad news for my friend.

DeShawn then visited some apartments in Burnaby and it looked more like he was going to leave the neighbourhood. Then on Sunday, I got a text message from him stating he had closed a deal to buy a top floor apartment in a building that’s half a block from mine. This particular development was finished a few months after mine and is right on the water. It is a brand new, one bedroom apartment with an excellent view of the river and mountains. I demanded to see the apartment, so DeShawn took me up to his future home. The timing was great since he had to go take measurements and photos of his new place. I must say it’s a very nice apartment. It has all modern furnishings, a clean layout, and as I already stated, a signature view of the river. I’m extremely excited for DeShawn, as he’ll be just half a block from me, nary a five minute walk away.

I wonder if he’ll ask me to help him move?

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