In a previous post, I wrote about my curiosity about the resident who lives in the apartment across from the elevators on my floor. After about two years of living in my current place, I still had not seen who lived there. Last week, I finally got to see the mystery apartment dweller.

It was like any other morning, I was in my normal routine and leaving for work at a time that pretty consistent for the last several months. I had pressed the button for the elevator and was waiting. Then, I heard the distinct sound of a lock being opened and the door handle being turned. My heart rate quickened noticeably. This was it! I was going to see who this person was! Time seemed to slow down as I waited for the elusive resident to show themselves. The person finally emerged from the apartment.

I had predicted it was going to be a white male, in his late 30s or early 40s. I was pretty much dead-on accurate with that. It was a dude, looking very much like he was in his early 40s. He was dressed very casually. He looked like a blue collar type. Let’s call him “Al”. Al had a bit of a mullet going on. He was also carrying a gym bag of sorts. Al had an average build, stood about 5’8″ and probably could lose a few pounds (but couldn’t we all?). After he locked his door, Al struck up a conversation with me. He talked about how long it takes to get an elevator in the mornings. Al attributed this particular morning’s delay to a move-in or a move-out.

Once the elevator finally arrived, we stepped into the elevator car. It was then I noticed Al’s cologne. I don’t really wear cologne so I couldn’t identify what it was. What I do know is that the amount he had placed on himself was probably a little bit on the heavy side. He was going to the ground floor as well and I let him go ahead of me. Once we got outside, he took off in a brisk walk. I wanted to keep up with him. Knowing what he looked like was great but I wondered what he did for a living or where he was going now. I tailed him for a bit but I had to turn to go into the Skytrain station and he kept walking straight. Where was he going?

The great mystery was solved but I just have different questions now. Maybe I can ask him some questions the next time I see him. Will I ever see him again? Man, I need a hobby or something.

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