Thanks to the generosity of some of my loyal readers, I was given a few Google+ invites. I accepted one and quickly was added to the Google+ profile. I would honestly like to say I was impressed and liked what I saw but that would be lying. Honestly, there’s not a whole lot to see nor do on Google+ right now. If you’re not on it right now and itching for an invite, you’re not missing a whole lot.

When I finished signing up, the only thing useful thing I could do on Google+ was to add people. Even that was a bit troublesome. First, there are significantly fewer people on Google+ compared to Facebook. I know I couldn’t find all my Facebook friends. Second, since Google+ is so new, it’s sometimes impossible to figure out which “John Wong” you’re looking for. Everyone’s Google profile is barebones or their privacy levels are cranked up so high, you can’t tell if that’s you’re buddy or not.

I have seven people in all my “circles” so far. It took about a day or two before my “news feed” had any content. So far, my news feed is completely dominated by this one guy in my “circles” who seems to have jumped on-board the Google+ boat with great enthusiasm. Again, to be honest, I didn’t sign up to Google+ to see this dude just spam my entire news feed with his posts. It’s literally just dozens upon dozens of his posts with no one else’s content. I don’t want to block his posts because I might as well remove him from list of friends.

I understand it’s very early in theĀ  Google+ maturity process and there are many kinks to be worked out. I also know there will be improvements. For now though, Google+ is far from the Facebook-killer that many want it to be. I won’t delete my account of course but it’s certainly not the first social network I check on each morning.

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