This evening the Vancouver Canucks were dominated by the Boston Bruins in game three of the 2011 Stanley Cup Final. The final score was 8-1, marking Vancouver’s most lopsided loss in the playoffs thus far, and that’s saying something considering the meltdowns they had against Chicago in round one.  Though goaltender Roberto Luongo could not be faulted for all the goals, his performance now makes a lot of people, myself included, nervous about which Bobby Lou is going to show up next game. Will it be Lou that shutout the Bruins in game one or the shaky Lou that will give up an easy one in the first period?

Despite the loss, I am going to make a bold and confident prediction. For reasons I cannot divulge, I have supreme confidence that the Canucks will take game four. Given my history of posts regarding the Canucks, this stunningly positive outlook for the next game might be surprising to you, my loyal readers. Let me just say that there are forces at work now that were not in play in previous games and playoff rounds.

You read it here first.

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