They say that love makes you do crazy things but having your local professional ice hockey team in the Stanley Cup Final can accomplish the same thing. I woke up an hour and a half earlier this morning so I could leave work early to ensure I would be able to watch most of game one at home. I awoke at 7am which might be a normal time for you to get up but for me it was a strange novelty. It took me another 20 minutes to muster enough strength to actually roll out of bed. Once I did, though, I was went through my morning routine with purpose. I caught the Skytrain with the 9 to 5 crowd, which I normally don’t do. It was less crowded that I had anticipated. I strolled into work at 8:25am, when I’m not even usually awake until after 8:30am. There was hardly anyone at the studio and I relished the relative quietness.

The work day was uneventful. I did pass by Rogers Arena around noon though. Even by that time, the area around the rink had a discernible level of excitement that usually is reserved for right before game time. There was also a huge lineup snaking out of the main official Canucks store. It went down the block as I imagine everyone was looking for that last minute jersey to don. At the end of the day, I could have left around 5pm but I chose to stay at work to watch a bit of the first period. My strategy was to use the first period intermission as part of my commute time. Normally at just after 5pm, the commute on the Skytrain is invariably packed with people, but this was not the case today. I guess many people left work early today or were sticking around downtown to watch the game.

In the end, the game was a positive result. There are now three wins left in the quest. I thought waking up early was a bit of sacrifice but an unnamed friend of mine easily bested me today. He bought a single ticket to game five in Vancouver for over $2000. If it’s the game I think it’s going to be, that ticket is well worth the money he paid.

2 thoughts on “THE THINGS WE DO”

  1. Talk about commitment, until you have walked 6 miles in a hospital gown after nearly dying in a foreign country for your team, you can’t top this guy:

    I’m attempting to buy half-season tickets for the new Winnipeg NHL team (on sale Saturday), your buddy’s game 5 ticket is double what I will be paying for 22 games.

  2. I could have used a link shortener for that link, but thought it read beautifully as is.

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