I just checked the weather forecast for tomorrow and it calls for clouds and showers. The high will be just 18 degrees Celsius. Despite this, I am going to wear shorts to work. I don’t care anymore. It’s essentially July and we’re experiencing autumn. If I don’t start wearing my summer clothes soon, there will be very few chances to wear it for the rest of this “warm” weather.

On my way home this evening, the elevator up to my apartment stopped off on one of the parking levels. The elevator door opened and all I could see was a huge crowd of middle-aged to senior Japanese women. They all squeezed into the elevator car with me. I had to count how many there actually were. There were ten of them and they were going up to the penthouse floor. I have no idea why there were ten of them and what they were doing up there. They all spoke Japanese and there appeared to be a leader amongst them. My floor came before the penthouse so I had to exit first. It was the oddest thing I saw all day.

Tomorrow is Canada Day here in… Canada. That makes sense. As well as being a national holiday, it’s sorta like Christmas for professional hockey fans. July 1st is the day that some hockey players become unrestricted free agents, meaning those players can shop their services to any and all teams. Fortunes will be made on Friday and some players will be set for life. Some teams will get better and other teams will rue the day they made horrible, costly mistakes. It’s a good day to refresh the sports web sites every five minutes starting at 9am PST.

Ok, maybe the oddest thing I saw today might have been on the Skytrain on the way home. At Granville, a rather attractive woman wearing yoga gear got on the train with her workout bag. It contained a big bottle of water and some takeout food. She sat down in front of me and then proceeded to open the container of what turned out to be fried noodles. Using her bare hands she grabbed some of the food and then scarfed it down like she had not eaten in days. She repeated this a few more times as some of the people around her raised a few eyebrows. After consuming the food, she then put her head down and fell asleep, a sleep that appeared to be quite deep. Most people don’t do this on the train and for someone who didn’t seem homeless, it was exceedingly odd. The only time I’ve felt like eating in that manner is when my hypoglycemia kicks in and my blood sugar levels drop to a low that makes me primal for any type of food. I actually wanted to wake her to make sure she wasn’t a diabetic who was in a hypoglycemic state but she really didn’t look like she wanted to be bothered. My stop came before hers so I couldn’t get closure on this. I hope that woman was alright.

Have a good long weekend Canada!

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