My loyal readers, I am flying to Manitoba on early Friday morning to attend a friend’s wedding. I met Phil when I was living in a graduate school residence at UBC. Some of you might know Phil as a frequent commenter on this blog. I value his support and his readership.

The wedding is actually taking place in a town called Dauphin, located northwest of Winnipeg. There are approximately 8000 people living there. I hope to be the only Asian person in Dauphin while I’m at the wedding. They actually have a Safeway and a Walmart there, so it can’t be all that small of a town. I’m taking a small commuter plane to Dauphin from Winnipeg and that flight is less than an hour. It sure beats the 3.5 to 4 hours it would have taken by car.

I’m scheduled to arrive in Dauphin 20 minutes before the start of game five of the 2011 Stanley Cup Final. I was initially worried this might be a series clinching game but Vancouver’s dismal performance in both games in Boston proved my fears to be unfounded. The Canucks are reeling from the beatings they took though and I’m not very confident they can turn the tide in game five. I am preparing myself to watch an ugly game from somewhere in Dauphin. I’m not even sure where the best place to watch the game is in Dauphin. They must have a bar there that offers the game in HD. If I’m gonna watch the Canucks off the rails again I’d like to see it in glorious HD.

Because of the timing of the commuter flight and the selection of flights available to me, I was forced to take a flight that leaves from YVR at 9am, which means I have to get to the airport extremely early. I could cut it close by getting to the airport by 8am but that’s as late as I would want to get there. Since I’m taking transit to the airport, I’d have to leave my place around 7am to get there for about 8am. Leaving at 7am means I’d probably have to wake up at 6am. In my infinite wisdom, I have decided I am just going to stay up through the night as I already have many things I still need to do to prepare for my trip. This may turn out to be one of the more dubious decisions I’ve made recently. We’ll see what happens.

To help you share this adventure with me, I’ve decided to make random tweets throughout my trip. Some of you might not know I have a Twitter account. I do but I really have nothing of substance to tweet usually. Twitter is not for me. I barely have anything to say on a daily basis so I have even less to say on a more frequent platform. This trip should be more conducive to tweeting though. No need to follow me, just check up on me here every couple of hours.

I’ll be back on Monday, just an hour or so before game six of the 2011 Stanley Cup Final, where one team will face elimination. I already have a bad feeling I know who that team will be.

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