My life is filled with bad habits but one of them I find very difficult to avoid. I often eat within one or two hours of going to bed. I’ve heard people say that isn’t good for you. Apparently, you gain more weight from the same amount food if you eat right before going to sleep compared to consuming it many hours beforehand. I don’t know if that’s true but I’m too tired to Google it right now.

I’m not a fan of eating just three large meals in a day. In fact, a nutritionist told me that a healthier diet consists of several smaller and reasonable meals throughout the day. I’ve taken to that strategy but it also means I’m sometimes hungry before bedtime. I used to just ignore the hunger and just go to sleep but that sucks. Hunger makes it more difficult to go to sleep. I’m also not fond of patterning my life after an orphan in turn of the 19th century England. I’ve learned to just snack reasonable before going to sleep if I feel even just a bit peckish.

One evening last night, I had two pieces of toast with butter. The other night I had a small portion of pasta with some cheese. Tonight, I had two pieces of dim sum and some yogurt. I think this is pretty reasonable but the fact that I’m even eating anything this close to sleepy time probably isn’t ideal. I should consult a dietician or a nutritionist about this.

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