I am writing this post from a hotel in Winnipeg tonight. I’ve had some great experiences in the last three days. More than anything, I’ve discovered first-hand why license plates here have the phrase “Friendly Manitoba” on them. I have been shown an immense amount of hospitality here. It appeared to me that  everyone involved in the wedding knew my name, both first and last for some reason, even though I only knew the groom and one other guest. I was made to feel welcome and comfortable the entire time. I really need to go to bed but I’ll dole out some interesting highlights.

I got out to Dauphin, Manitoba by flying with a small airline that had their own terminal on the outskirts the main airport. This small terminal was essentially just a large room. The airline had a cat that was allowed to freely roam the terminal, interacting with guests.

The aircraft that flew me to Dauphin was the smallest I’ve ever been in. I believe it was a Fairchild Metro II. It had no separation between the cabin and the cockpit. I could see the pilots working the controls the entire time. You couldn’t stand straight up in the cabin. I was handed earplugs before we took off because the engines were so close and loud. When we landed, I could see the landing strip out the front cockpit windows. For the first time ever, I was able to see what the pilots saw during a landing.

At the wedding, there was an open bar, which ran out of gin by midnight. Even though I had only ordered three, possibly four gin and tonics, the bartender blamed me for the gin shortage.

On Sunday, two people from the wedding drove me back to Winnipeg. I didn’t have a chance to meet them at the wedding but they were nice enough to let me hitch a ride with them. They are super nice people and even gave me an informative tour of the city.

I’ll have to end the post here. Tomorrow is a travel day. I need to wake up, have some breakfast, and check out of this hotel. I’m flying back home tomorrow, there’s a certain sporting event I need to see at 5pm PST.


  1. I’m glad you enjoyed your time here. Next it is our turn to come out to Vancouver for a visit, but Alana and I will do our best to schedule it in the off-season.

    Have fun, good luck in game 6!

  2. Thanks Phil! I look forward to seeing you and Alana in Vancouver in the near future!

    Also, thanks for reading my blog on your way to your honeymoon!

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