So it has come to my attention this week that some dude thinks the world will end this Saturday. Apparently, this dude is arriving at this conclusion from a Christian point of view. To be honest, I’m not very familiar with the aspects of Christianity that supposedly back up his claims. Now if we were talking about the Ark of the Covenant, the Holy Grail, or the Shroud of Turin, I might have some more informed thoughts.

I doubt the world will end on Saturday. The world is as likely to end on Saturday as it was likely to end on those fictional Judgement Days that came and went in the Terminator mythos. Though one could argue that the work of Kyle Reese, Sarah Connor, and John Connor might have accounted for that. I’m mixing up fiction with religion now, and when I do that, I tread upon dangerous territory.

Anyways, in my experience, significant events that occur on this planet have almost no warning beforehand. Stuff just happens. One day you wake up and PSN is down. Another day, you’ll go get your paper and your neighbour is trying to eat your brains because he’s now a zombie. It’s very difficult to predict when bad things are going to happen. Look at the dinosaurs when they were wiped out by that comet. They had no warning. If they did, I’m pretty sure they’d send up two teams of dinosaurs to blow that comet up in dinosaur space shuttles. Instead, there was nothing those Jesus horses could do.

I’ll see ya around on Sunday!

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