The above video is an extended look at Green Lantern, which is DC’s attempt to bring movie success to one of their comic book characters, other than Batman. If DC didn’t have Batman, they’d be a complete failure at bringing their properties to the silver screen. Are Marvel characters that much better when translated to the movies? Maybe. Or perhaps Marvel is just better at making comic book movies. I’m slightly excited for Green Lantern though.

2 thoughts on “GREEN LANTERN”

  1. What about Superman? Especially Donner’s 1978 version. “Superman [1978] was released with critical acclaim and financial success…The film’s legacy helped create a reemergence of science fiction films and the establishment of the superhero film genre”
    (If you believe wikipedia). I have fond memories of the original and liked Bryan Singer’s remake (but that’s because it was a love note to Donner’s original.

  2. Ah yes, Superman! There is no doubt he was the one superhero that found movie success even back in the 70s and early 80s when geeks and nerds did not have much influence. I would say though that the third and fourth films destroyed whatever good feelings the first two built. Also, I believe modern day audiences have trouble identifying with Superman now. People like to see flawed characters which might explain the popularity of Iron Man, Wolverine, Spiderman, and Batman. Supes might be too perfect for today.

    Singer’s Superman was, at least in my opinion, just average. It wasn’t a bad movie but it wasn’t close to being as good as Superman 2. I’m interested in seeing what Zack Snyder does with the new film. It’ll be shot in Vancouver!

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