Wow, it’s a been a while since we had the last “brush with greatness” post. Anyways, I was walking along Robson this evening because I heard there was some store selling clothes. I was crossing Burrard when going the opposite way was actor Danny Trejo. I didn’t realize he was 5’7″ but he sure looks like in real life. In the movies he looks a lot taller. He was on his cell phone, talking to someone. Trejo was wearing a track suit, not a like flashy one but more of practical, normal one. A few people recognized him but everyone just left him alone.

On my way home, I saw him again. He was standing near a Roots store, still on the phone. I then saw him take a photo of a window display. I think he was trying to buy something for the person on the other end of his conversation. I really have no idea why he is in town. I looked at his IMDB page and there doesn’t seem to be any projects listed that would be filming in Vancouver. Perhaps he’s doing a cameo that no one knows about. I certainly don’t think he’s here on vacation. It’s still freezing here in Vancouver. Machete!!!

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