Last Thursday at Skate Paddy’s Day, I told a whole bunch of people I had to leave the drinking and festivities early because I had an interview the next day. In the subsequent days, I had a few people ask me how the interview went. This morning, at around 10am, I got a text message while I was still asleep. It was from a number that I did not know. It took me several hours to respond because I couldn’t figure out who it was. Still not knowing the sender, the resulting text conversation went like this:

MYSTERY FRIEND: How did job interview go?

Me: Mom, is that you?

MYSTERY FRIEND: Don’t make me spank you again! Always with love of course.

Me: I usually pay extra for that.

The conversation ended at that point and I received no further responses. The mature thing to have done would probably involve me just letting them know (sheepishly) that I did not know who they were and that I was sorry I didn’t get their number when they got mine. I don’t really give out my number very often without reciprocating so I’m not sure when I went wrong with this. I believe my Facebook profile had my number on it before I made it private so there might have been a window of opportunity there.

I don’t know if this person is also a loyal reader of this blog either. If you are, thanks for giving me material for this post. Sorry for not knowing who you are. There really is a simple way of solving this. Meet me at the bottom of the Eiffel Tower a fortnight from now at precisely 2pm!

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