Vengeance Dad

I don’t need to tell you the Internet is a wonderful, glorious thing which has brought us many riches. Among these riches are memes which can take a life of its own. I previously wrote about a post about “high expectations Asian father” which I thought was quite funny. I found another meme which I quite enjoy and this one is called “vengeance dad“. The basis for this one is a family photo from what appears to be the 1980s or so. I don’t know why photographers thought the creepy compositing of the two pictures was desirable but I’m imagining this was quite the fancy feature in those pre-Photoshop days. Anyways, the dad’s odd and expressionless face really make the photo. As for the meme itself, the one I have up above is my favourite for the series though this one is pretty funny as well.

As a bonus, here’s “karate Kyle“!

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