I received a letter from UFG today. I wasn’t expecting one since the only other correspondence that I thought they would send was my T4 and that wouldn’t be due until 2012. So I really had no idea why I was getting something from them this week.

The letter turned out to be an expression of gratitude for all my hard work on True Crime: Hong Kong. It was basically a thank you for all my effort for the game and the company. It was then personally signed by what I suppose are all the founders of the company. I write “suppose” because I’m not sure who all the founders are and I could only identify three signatures among the eleven that were there.

I imagine everyone who got laid off got one of these letters from UFG this week. I personally thought it was a nice and kind gesture even though the letter recognized that it “may not be much consolation for you”. Most companies I know of don’t send you a follow-up letter like this so it was a pleasant surprise. Of course, my situation is different than most of the people that got laid off with me. I was only on the project for less than three months, so I really didn’t have any emotional ties to the game nor the company. Others had worked on the game for nearly three years and had put in tons of time and effort into it, the end result being a game that will never be released and being unemployed. This letter is really more for those people than myself.

In any case, I’ll keep the letter and tuck it away somewhere safe and it will be another memento¬† (or battle scar) from my on-going adventure in the games industry.

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