A former co-worker of mine lives in the same building that I do. He lives there with his girlfriend. Let’s call her Lafawnduh (not her real name). Since they’ve moved in, I’ve gotten to know Lafawnduh quite well. She is a great person, nice and friendly. She and I get along well.

Earlier this month, Lafawnduh became a consultant for a beauty and wellness company. As such, she is offering beauty and wellness products for sale to her friends and family. To help introduce the products to us, Lafawnduh has organized a little product party at her place this week. I have been invited. Many people sell products in this manner, as some of you might know it started with Tupperware parties. Anyways, I looked over the guest list and I saw that fourteen people were invited. Of the fourteen, only two were dudes, of which I was one of them. The rest, of course, were women.

Now here’s where it gets interesting. I have a strong suspicion that the other dude is gay (not that there’s anything wrong with that at all). I just thought it was pretty funny that I got invited to a product party that involves products that skew heavily towards a female audience. Now to be fair to Lafawnduh, I guess I do live a somewhat metrosexual lifestyle. I wear clothes mainly from Banana Republic. I get my haircut at a salon. I have previously bought moisturizers from a male cosmetics line. Oh man, after listing that, I realize I probably should have been the first one on that invite list. There is also another interesting anecdote. Lafawnduh once mentioned she wanted to set me up with one of her co-workers. As she put it, this girl was dating a real loser and that she deserved a decent fellow like me. This never went anywhere unfortunately, as the co-worker apparently kept on dating the guy. Oh well.

Anyways, I’m totally cool with me being me, so I’m gonna go to this product party to support Lafawnduh. It is interesting, however, to be reminded once in a while about how others might view you. Fabulous!

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