I went to a career fair this afternoon that was held in a ballroom of a downtown hotel. It was organized by UFG to help everyone find jobs. It was nice of them to do that and nice enough for local companies to take the time and effort to show up as well. In less than six months I’ve now been to two of these things. I wish I could say I was the only who held such a distinction but there are local developers who’ve had to attend upwards to three careers fairs within the last eight months or so as they’ve gone through three jobs in that time.

There are recruiters who now know my name and face strictly because I keep showing up to these things. I was mentioning to one of them that this is the only time I ever see them and we need to stop meeting like this. I dropped a few resumes off but I remain cautious about my chances of getting employment soon. I wonder, when the next career fair will be?

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