On Friday, some of my network equipment broke at home. When I moved into my apartment, Telus supplied me a router that served as a hardware firewall and also a device that distributed wi-fi throughout my home. That router stopped working on Friday. Lucky for me, I get the Internet piped straight into my apartment. Instead of using a phone line or a coaxial cable that has to go into a modem to get my Internet, I get all my ones and zeroes from a single RJ-45 port that is located in a closet next to the front door.

Anyways, with the router being broken, that means I don’t have any wi-fi anymore, which is really the only inconvenience. That kinda sucks because I use wi-fi for my netbook and my phone, leaving my desktop as the only computer with Internet access. I decided to call up Telus to let them know my problem. Their tech support on the phone was swamped, so I decided to use their online chat feature for tech support. The following is the conversation I had with one of their employees. The chat is not really funny nor entertaining in any way but I have nothing else to write about tonight.

6:30:38 PM :  Welcome! Thank you for using TELUS Chat Support, please be advised that your chat session will be recorded to ensure a quality customer experience.

6:30:38 PM : Erwin Tang: Initial Question/Comment: My 2wire router is showing all solid red lights. It is no longer functioning.

6:37:39 PM :  Dara has joined this session!

6:37:44 PM : Dara: Welcome to TELUS Support Centre, my name is Dara and I will be assisting you today.

6:37:44 PM : Dara: Am I chatting with Erwin?

6:38:03 PM : Erwin Tang: hello!

6:39:09 PM : Dara: In that event, I recommend resetting the 2Wire Wireless Gateway to its factory device default settings. Here are instructions on how to do that.
1) Look on the very back of the device (near the power switch) for a red RESET button.
2) With the tip of a pin or a paper clip, depress the RESET button and hold it in for either 30 seconds or until you notice all of the lights on the 2Wire Gateway go off or blink.

6:39:29 PM : Erwin Tang: should the device be powered on when i do this?

6:40:44 PM : Dara: It should be plugged in.

6:40:49 PM : Erwin Tang: ok

6:44:00 PM : Erwin Tang: depressing the reset button with a pin for over 30 seconds does not seem to have any affect

6:45:25 PM : Dara: Okay, I am going to try from my end, just a second.

6:46:10 PM : Erwin Tang: oh wait, i should probably plug in the network cable back into it

6:46:22 PM : Erwin Tang: but if i do that, i will disconnect

6:47:20 PM : Dara: So, you mean the ethernet cord is not plugged in? Or the cords to the wall are not plugged in ?

6:47:35 PM : Erwin Tang: i had to disconnect the ethernet from it, to get connectivity

6:47:40 PM : Erwin Tang: it has power

6:48:42 PM : Erwin Tang: this is my dilemma, to chat with you, i had to disconnect the incoming ethernet from it

6:49:10 PM : Dara: So, are you still connected to the 2Wire ?

6:49:15 PM : Dara: It shouldn’t be working if it has red lights…

6:49:31 PM : Erwin Tang: no, i am not… it only has power right now, there is no data connectivity to the 2wire

6:49:50 PM : Erwin Tang: i am directly connected to the fibre coming into my apartment

6:50:31 PM : Dara: Oh okay.

6:50:46 PM : Dara: Well, I submitted a request for a new modem, you will receive it in 3-5 business days.

6:50:51 PM : Dara: Once receive install the new modem and you will be good to go.

6:51:13 PM : Erwin Tang: thanks, so it’s gonna be mailed to me?

6:51:26 PM : Dara: Yes, it will be.

6:51:31 PM : Erwin Tang: cool, well that was easy

6:51:39 PM : Erwin Tang: i hope you have a pleasant evening!

6:51:51 PM : Dara: You too.

6:51:51 PM : Dara: If you have some time, please fill out the feedback form at so that we can better serve you. (you may have to hold down the control-key and click it for it to work) Thank you for using TELUS Support Centre.

6:51:51 PM : Dara: Thank you for using TELUS Support Centre. If you require assistance again feel free to open another chat or call Technical Support at 1-877-310-8324.

6:52:06 PM : Erwin Tang: bye! you made a difference in my life!

6:52:16 PM : Dara: I’m glad I did 🙂

6:52:21 PM :  Dara has left this session!

6:52:21 PM :  The session has ended!

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  1. Where’s the Writer’s Embellishment?!

    6:51:51 PM : Dara: Thank you for using TELUS Support Centre. If you require assistance again feel free to open another chat or call Technical Support at 1-877-310-8324.

    6:52:06 PM : Erwin Tang: So… what are you wearing?

    6:52:16 PM : Dara: Well, I’m in an office, so I have on pants, a blouse, and some flats.

    6:53:21 PM : Erwin Tang: Oh… hmm…

    6:52:57 PM : Dara: (But I’m not wearing any underwear.)

    6:53:30 PM : Erwin Tang: Do you… like… Swiss Chalet?

    6:54:57 : Dara: My parents own one where they live.

    6:55:07 : Erwin Tang: I LOVE YOU!

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