Here’s an interesting problem. The toilet in my bathroom frequently ejects some of the toilet water when it flushes. The amount of water that gets thrown out of the bowl can vary. Sometimes it can be barely a drop. Last night though, it was enough that had any of it got on my, I would have probably needed to shower afterwards. The scary thing is, that’s the water I can see with my eyes. I wonder if the toilet water is being changed into some aerosol form and floats in the air. Ewwww.

I usually put down the bowl cover before I flush but that’s a pain in the ass and obviously sometimes I forget. Is there anyway to prevent this from happening. Is there some setting I can change? I really don’t want to get a new toilet just to fix this.

2 thoughts on “THE WATER SPOUT”

  1. Maybe you should reduce the amount of water in the tank?
    I medium sized rock in the bottom of the tank away from the drain hole might do the trick.

    Apparently this is good for the environment too.

    Not too big though or else there might not be enough water power to get the logs down the river so to speak …

    Works well at my place!

  2. Exactly what I was going to suggest. If you do not have a brick, use an empty plastic bottle and fill it with water or sand, put the cap/lid back on and wedge it in the toilet tank

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