Today I found out that another former skate team member has left EA and is returning to work for a games studio in downtown Vancouver. That’s two now in the last two weeks or so. Slowly but surely, we are coming back to where we are most comfortable. Unfortunately, we’re not all in the same place when we return, that’s the sucky part. The good news is, we all seem to be clustered in the same two block radius which makes lunching that much more awesome.

I dream of a day when most of us can assemble once again together and make another super duper game, one that involves bacon.

3 thoughts on “ONE MORE RETURNS”

  1. Erwin, it occurred to me the other day that you are, more than any blogger I know (and I follow a fair number), this era’s Samuel Pepys. His bright, data-rich, and absorbing diary entries are still valued and read a couple hundred years after they were written. I hope that this blogging medium is durable enough that a couple hundred years hence, people will still be reading your excellent takes on your part of this century.

    All best, Richard, that UT prof emeritus

  2. Richard! Once again you flattery me with your undeserved accolades. Being an ignorant product of the pop culture era, I admit I had to look up Samuel Pepys on Wiki. His diaries are a historical treasure and should my blog even acquire a millionth of his importance, I would be honoured.

    I’m afraid that should some future historians read my blog, they might surmise that we lived in some pretty boring times. 🙂

    Nonetheless, Richard your status as a loyal reader of this blog is much appreciated. I hope you are doing well.

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