Like most people, my mind sometimes wanders about, thinking about anything and everything. A few months ago, there was a night where my mind did some deep thinking. It was about midnight and I was doing my dishes because I couldn’t stand to let them sit any longer. I knew I had a few more things to do before I could go to bed so I realized it would be a fairly late night for me. As the cleansing bubbles surrounded my soiled flatware, I wondered if I would be the last person at work to go to bed that night. At the time I was still working for EA, so that meant I was wondering if out of 1200 employees, would I be the last one to go to sleep for the evening. What a strange thing to wonder about. Then I realized that every evening, without fail, someone had to have that title. Who is the person who consistently goes the bed the latest out of all those employees? Is there usually a big time gap between the dude who goes to bed last and the person who is second to last? What would all this data look like plotted in charts and graphs.

Then my steel trap of a mind figured out that every day, someone is the person who wakes up the earliest out of all those employees. Now I know I would never even come close to taking that title on any given day. Who is the person who consistently wakes up before anyone else? It’s probably a parent if I had to make a guess. Then I wondered if on any given day, does the person who wakes up first, get up before the person who goes to sleep last? Crazy I tell you.

Some people do important medical research, I wonder when people go to bed and when they wake up. That’s what I do.

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