I really wasn’t sure I was going to get through the morning when I went in for my first day of work at UFG. I woke up and felt terrible. Somehow I managed to get dressed and got going on my commute. When I walked through the front door of the studio, I still felt awful. The onboarding process started immediately and the first thing they did was take a picture of me! I didn’t feel like smiling because I was so sick. They wound up sending the photo out to the whole studio later in the day and I look like I want to be anywhere else in the world other than at work. That was not a good first impression. I was also led on a tour of the floor I’m working on and got to meet several new people. Unfortunately, some people went to shake my hand but I had to refuse and tell them I was very ill. Again, not a good first impression.

Things got a bit better when I shown my desk. I was able to sit and catch my breath. Getting a cup of green tea helped as well. My old lead at Backbone sits next to me, so he was the one who showed me all the different tools the team uses and he gave me a tour of the code base. Fortunately, I felt much better as the day went along. I spent most of the day filling out forms, reading the internal wiki, looking at documents, and playing the game. I hit the proverbial wall around 3pm though as I realized my four hours of sleep the night before had finally caught up to me. I felt really tired and it was a struggle to make it to 5:30pm when I decided I needed to go home and get some food and rest.

Hopefully tomorrow will be a better day.

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