I just found out my holiday break is from the 23rd to the 3rd (inclusive). I’m pretty sure I don’t get paid for all those days as I’m a contractor but I don’t mind. For the next few months, every day that I get paid at my new job, EA theoretically pays me as well. I’m looking forward to having the time off.

My access card is magically working again. I no longer have to follow people into the studio anymore. It’s a lot less creepy that way.

In the last two days, I have spent $50 on just lunch alone. I need to really start having more economical lunches. Tomorrow, I’m gonna head off to an old favourite of mine, Taco Del Mar. I have the mondo burrito in mind. Yay!

My parents have asked me to help them research buying a new HDTV for them. They’re still watching a huge 36″ CRT. It came as a surprise to them that you need to buy the HD channels separately and an HD cable box is required. I foresee some more interesting conversations will ensue before this is all over.

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