I arrived at the studio this morning to find that my access card no longer worked. Thankfully, there was a crowd of people behind me so it didn’t matter all that much. I was told to inform the office manager about my problem. She copied down the serial number of my card and said she’d ask the security company about it. I don’t think they have temp cards so I had to just hold onto my busted card. That made leaving and then re-entering the studio a bit problematic but I have no other option. I’m lucky, I just surf behind someone else coming in, otherwise, I knock on the glass door and make the poor receptionist have to buzz me in every time. I hope I get a working card soon.

In other news, I started getting bugs assigned to me. I got a total of four bugs in my bin. By the end of the day, I only had one left. Two of them were really old bugs and someone else had fixed the problems. One of them I forwarded off to another person. Getting through three bugs a day is pretty good, especially if you’re just on your third day of work like me. The only bug remaining actually requires real work to fix it, so this one is gonna take me a bit longer.

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