I’m pushing my bed time later and later with each passing night. It’s getting to the point where it’s probably easier for me to meet some of you for breakfast than lunch. Then again, I don’t know a single person who has enough time in the morning to have breakfast with a friend before going to work. I will draw the line at 6am. If I’m not in bed by then, I will force myself to crawl into my awesome race car bed. I had a co-worker that exhibited the same sleeping patterns as I do. He’d go to bed an hour later each night. I think it got weird when he started to go to sleep after noon but he just pushed through that zone. Once he got to an 11pm bed time, it was better.

I can keep myself pretty entertained during this wee hours of the morning but I wish there were more places that I could go to at this hour and hang out. I don’t really consider 7-11 and Denny’s as viable options. Where do shift workers go when they’re done work? Do they just go home?

Anyways, with this extra free time on my hands I decided to work on my blog a bit more. Some of you more Elvish-eyed readers might have noticed that clicking on the comment counter to the right of the post title now takes you to the comments. It was odd that this wasn’t the case to begin with but at least I’ve fixed it now. I’ve also changed the date format for posts. There was a mysterious tag that was appended to all the dates; I deleted that. I’m not a big fan of pure numerical dates so the date format is written out in words in full, just the way Doc Brown did it in 1885.

There are a few more changes to come. Stay tuned!

5 thoughts on “LET’S DO BREAKFAST”

  1. It’s a good time to take a vacation to Beijing or Brisbane – you could fly there and be perfectly in sync with their daylight schedule without going through any jet lag.

  2. Your sleep pattern is very interesting. There was a study done where volunteers were placed in a setting with no outside light, or way of keeping time. They naturally adjusted to a 25 hour cycle. Maybe if you wear a watch you can get back on a 24 hour clock.

  3. It is really too bad that we do not live in the same city. I basically have the same sleep habits as you. When I am at work, I do my workouts starting at 11:00pm as everyone else is getting ready for bed. I usually don’t sleep until 02:30am. It makes for a crappy next day, but naps are always good. When I am not working, I think 11:00pm is still early, and I will migrate to my hobby room for a few more hours. On the nights I don’t feel like doing much, but want to grab a late night drink, I have no one to call, seeing as most people are in bed, readying themselves for the next workday. Hanging out a the 24 Sobey’s is not any fun either. I remember one very late night I spent in a greasy spoon restaurant on Helmcken St. I missed the last bus back to your parent’s house, so I sat in this restaurant for a few hours, obsrving all the hookers coming and going. It was quite interesting.

  4. @Dave: I’ve heard about the natural 25 hour day as well. I wear a watch but it ain’t doing the trick

    @Ed: Aw, it’s a shame we don’t live closer, we could go look at hookers together.

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