It’s no ocean view but the view from my apartment windows is decent. I have a great view of the city and I don’t stare directly into another apartment building. About a block away if I look down slightly, I can see into several apartments. There’s quite a few windows to choose from and when I first moved in, I thought there would be plenty of opportunity to see interesting stuff. After all, there was that time in Hawaii. Sadly, I discovered I have quite boring neighbours as I haven’t seen anything interesting happen through their windows.

There is, however, one very interesting thing I’ve noticed. Across the way, there is a window that always has its blinds open. The window is for the living room for that apartment. For as long as I can remember there is always one and only one light turned on in the living room. The light is also unique. It is a very white and pure light. It’s either a fluorescent light or one of those lights that recreates the full spectrum of visible light. I had one of those natural lights as a desk lamp at work. The light is on all the time, 24 hours a day. The brightness of the light is subdued. It’s bright enough to illuminate the apartment but it’s still somewhat dark in there.

I’ve only seen movement through the windows just a handful of times. It appears to be a dude in the apartment. He doesn’t seem to be doing anything weird in there (at least from what I see). I’m not sure if the apartment is occupied at all times. It’s a bit of mystery to me. Why is that light on all the time? Why isn’t the light brighter? What’s with the special, pure white light? Who lives there? What are they doing in there?

There’s definitely something different going on in there. I am reminded of all those movies and TV shows where someone sees something mysterious through a window. It never really ends that well.

2 thoughts on “IT’S ALWAYS ON”

  1. The lighting sure seems plausible but why would he have the windows uncovered for everyone to see?

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