The KFC Double Down “sandwich” is coming to Canada on October 18. If you’re not familiar with this new food item (which has been a big hit in the US), then you’re probably a healthy eater. The Double Down is like a regular sandwich except instead of bread, you get two fried chicken fillets. The “middle” consists of slices of bacon, two types of melted cheese, and some sort of special sauce.

A friend of mine and I have decided we’re going to try the Double Down when it makes its debut here in Canada. It’s probably not the wisest decision we’ve ever made but we’re big fans of fried chicken, so we just have to try it. I know it sounds really unhealthy but compared to other fast food, it’s really not that bad. If you were to eat a bacon cheeseburger and some fries, it’d be essentially the same thing. Now I know both those meals aren’t exactly steamed vegetables and tofu but sometimes you just have to go for the indulgences.

Just to put into context what my friend and I have eaten in the past, we once ate a 15 piece bucket of KFC between the both of us in one sitting. I was in a lot of pain after we did that and I essentially didn’t eat another meal until lunch the next day.

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  1. I also remember you telling me about those late night pizza orders at UBC, where you bought a large pizza at a low flat rate price, and hoped you would not get sick from eating it because it was essentially the leftovers from the day. You adventures with food are always interesting. My last KFC experience was in 2005, and it involved eating 4 boxes of Toonie Tuesday Specials (2 pieces of chicken and fries) and yes, I also did not feel so good afterwards. Too make matters worse, this was at work , and I had to work inside a fuel tank for most of the evening. I have not touched another piece of KFC meat since.

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