Over the weekend I met up with a few of my former co-workers from the old skate team. A large part of our conversation over beers was about the rumours of impending layoffs at EA. The consensus is that there is no doubt layoffs will happen, we just don’t know who will be affected or when it the axe will fall. There were a few theories proffered and a couple scenarios discussed. All seemed somewhat plausible. The interesting thing is, a few of the people in attendance indicated they’d welcome a layoff with a fair severance package. I won’t go into the details of who those people were and why they feel that way.

Today I received one last bit of compelling “info”. I was at a supermarket which I won’t name and ran into a former co-worker whom also shall go unnamed. He indicated to me an actual date for the layoffs. He was clear to indicate this was second hand info but it wasn’t as if this was passed along from ten people down to him. It came from a credible source who told someone he knew and they told him. I will not divulge the date he mentioned because there’s no way for me to actually confirm the validity of that date. I will say, however, the date was a lot earlier than I would have guessed. I wrote in my previous post that anything could happen between now and the first week of November.

This is probably one of the worst waiting games a person can play.

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