As a testament as to how exciting my Sunday was, I spent most of the day looking up old Saturday Night Live skits online. If you’ve never seen the Harry Potter skit with Lindsay Lohan as Hermoine, give it a look. I’ve also watched Will Ferrell as Neil Diamond about a billion times but it never gets old. I’ve linked to this particular skit before but I think it’s as entertaining today as it was when it first came out. Killing a drifter to get an erection, now who would have thought of that in the first place?

This led me to IGN’s list of their 25 funniest Will Ferrell characters. I don’t disagree with any of their choices but I personally would not have put Ron Burgundy in the number one slot. Sure, it’s a great character but I’m not sure if it’s better than say his George W. Bush.


  1. That was a classic episode. With both the Hogwart’s and Debbie Downer skits, it was one for the ages.

  2. That’s also a good one Jazz. OMG Jazz is on my blog!!! WTF? Now I gotta watch what I write about my current game team! 😉

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