This has been by far the worst experience of food poisoning I’ve ever had. Not that there are times when food poisoning can be pleasant but this latest bout is still refusing to completely go away. With previous experiences, the transition between feeling ill to feeling health again was very short. I could be on the toilet liquidating my assets and then two hours later, I’d be ready to eat solids again. In fact, the last time I had food poisoning, my first solid meal consisted of 15 chicken wings from Hooter’s. They tasted great and I didn’t even feel a thing.

Unfortunately, my recovery has taken a slower pace this time around. Though I’m no longer vomit-y or diarrhea-y, I still haven’t regained my full appetite. I can only eat very small amounts before I feel slightly nauseous again. I don’t feel very hungry at the usual times when I know I should be starving. The weird thing is, part of my brain is craving certain foods now, like pho and fried chicken. So while I don’t physically feel hungry, part of me thinks certain foods would really hit the spot right now. The fortunate thing is that I can now drink liquids without any side effects. I think I may have been severely depleted of fluids because I was drinking a lot of water today at work and I only had to pee once.

The other thing I have noticed is that I believe I look thinner, at least in the face area. I technically had my last full meal on Saturday evening. I barfed up almost all of what I ate on Sunday. Didn’t eat anything solid from Sunday night on until Tuesday. Since Tuesday, I’ve eaten perhaps 20% of what I usually eat since I’m still nauseous and don’t have my old appetite back. Food poisoning is a terrible way to lose weight but I’ll take whatever positives I can get from this.

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