On Saturday, I went to a Taco Del Mar for lunch. Upon returning from the Mexican food establishment, I realized I was no longer in possession of my debit card. I had used said debit card to pay for my burrito and remembered sticking it (the debit card, not the burrito) back in the pocket of my shorts but not actually in my wallet. In the short trip back to my apartment, my debit card must have tumbled out of my shorts. I’m not sure where that happened exactly.

After searching my apartment and my clothes to ensure the card wasn’t hiding somewhere, I resigned myself to canceling my debit card over the phone. A short five minute conversation later, the card was canceled. I was now left with no way of directly accessing my main bank account. Because it was the long weekend and it was already too late to get to a bank, I’d have to wait until Tuesday morning to get a new debit card.

Not having my debit card is an inconvenience for sure but I wasn’t worried. I still have my Visa card, so I can basically pay for anything that I would have used my debit card for. Getting cash is not a problem as well. Using an ATM to get a cash advance using my Visa is simple. I also have my ING bank account, though there is only one ING ATM in all of British Columbia.

I have to get through one more day without my debit card but I don’t think that will be a problem.

2 thoughts on “LOST”

  1. I, on the other hand, had the bank cancel my VISA for the long-weekend due to “suspected” activity. (They think somebody may have copied my card number, but have no proof that they did.) Better safe than sorry, but I wish they told me which store was the “culprit”.

  2. I got my new debit card. The dude at the counter promised me it had the same PIN as before. I left the bank without testing his promise. I should not have done that.

    I essentially still don’t have a debit card yet.

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