What you see above is an official two-second preview for a movie called Battle: Los Angeles. The movie has been frequently described as Black Hawk Down meets Independence Day. Let’s just hope it’s not the parts of Independence Day that sucked. B: LA is a war movie, with the combatants being humans and aliens. The film stars, among others, Aaron Eckhart and Michelle Rodriguez.

I’m a sucker for movies where humanity has to deal with aliens on a global scale on Earth. I can’t express how excited I was to see Independence Day. I had very high hopes for that movie. Unfortunately, after seeing ID4, I slowly came to the realization it wasn’t really that great of a film. Though it had many things wrong with it, people universally agree that the biggest blunder was trying to make the audience believe Jeff Goldblum could completely disable advanced alien technology using a virus he wrote on a Mac. To even suggest that he was able to setup a proper protocol to communicate with the alien systems would be a huge stretch but to go one light year further and say that the aliens didn’t have their version of Norton working is a slap to my geek face.

Anyways, enough about the mid-1990s. B: LA is out in 2011 and I expect it to be way better than ID4.

One thought on “BATTLE: LOS ANGELES”

  1. Goldbloom aside, nothing beats the incredulity of aliens mastering interstellar travel, having the ability to enslave humanity, but of any planet in the universe choosing one 71% made up of a substance that will kill them on contact. Swing away indeed Mr. Shyamalan.

    On no! Oh God, I just had a post traumatic flashback to AvP. Why is the Predator not killing her? What! They’re forming an ALLIANCE!?! No!

    ok, my day is ruined.

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