Yesterday I was thinking how tubby I’ve become since I was 20 years old. Back then, I fit into 28″ waist pants and I believe I weighed some where around 130 lbs. Now I squeeze into 32″ pants and I clock in around 160 lbs.

To be fair, I looked like really skinny when I was 20. I saw this picture of me from that time and I looked ridiculous. My head was still the same size but I had this skinny neck. It was like having a pumpkin on a toothpick. I don’t think I’d like to be that skinny again but I’m pretty sure it’d be healthier to lose a few pounds here or there.

I’ve always admired people who got into better shape as they got older. I bet it is sure fun to go to high school reunions for those people.

3 thoughts on “ON GETTING TUBBY”

  1. You could just take Jerry Seinfeld’s approach and change the tag on all your pants to one size lower.

  2. Hey just wait a couple more years when you hit my age. I think our bodies switch on a sleeper gene that will cause wait gain, and unless you do some sort of extreme exercise, you cannot drop the fat. Sucks getting older in some respects.

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