Over the long weekend I downloaded the Android SDK which will allow me to develop apps for Android-based smartphones. From what little I’ve read so far from the SDK documentation it seems fairly straightforward to make an Android app. The question remains, what do I want to make an app for? I posed this question to you, my loyal readers, in a previous post. Joanna had some good ideas. The photometer was probably the one I liked the best but I’m not sure how many Android phones have ambient light meters in them. I know my phone has one but I’m not sure if the data from that is made available to other apps.

I’ve decided I want my first app to be standalone and not require accessing data from an external server. Going this route would simply the development process and I can always save this for a later project. A friend of mine suggested I make a tic-tac-toe game. That’s certainly an excellent suggestion for a first app. There are a billion tic-tac-toe game in the Android market unfortunately. I’d like my first app to be something that I can learn from and also something I can release for free (and be somewhat popular).

Someone mentioned I should go the porn route. It is very true that porn gets noticed by a lot of people on the Internet. I certainly have nothing against porn but I think I’d like to not go that way this time around.

Maybe I should just remake old Atari 2600 games.

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  1. It’s interesting that you mentioned Pitfall, that was the exact game I had in mind when I first thought of the 2600 remakes.

    I had a look at EA’s list of policies today and there are some very strict guidelines for employees regarding development of external games.

    Even if I made a simple tic-tac-toe game that sold for $0.99, it would require an executive-level approval process!

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