Despite a previous post that claimed I was going to use my old cell phone into 2013, I broke down and bought one of them new “smartphones” over the weekend. I guess those phones are indeed pretty smart if they can coerce people to spend over $300 on them. My first ever cell phone was free and the one I was using until recently cost me about $50 off Ebay. The HTC Legend, which I decided to buy, is a supercomputer compared to my old phones. I’m not sure if you realize this or not, but cell phones now have cameras in them. You can take not only still photos but it actually records video as well.

There is a crazy amount of functionality and technology in these phones which, if I didn’t know better, I would attribute mostly to witchcraft. I look forward to receiving “text messages” from a few of you once I figure out how to raise the antenna.

7 thoughts on “SO THIS IS WHAT THE YEAR 2000 IS LIKE”

  1. Nice, but the Legend comes with neither the ‘superiority’ app that is standard with the iPhone these days, nor do you get to feel that you are funding the relocation of the Atlanta Thrashers to Hamilton that you get with your BlackBerry.

    Seriously though…does the new phone mean we will now be able to get mobile blog updates, meaning we can learn what you are eating for lunch from the restaurant while you are ordering it? My God…what an age we live in!

  2. Phil, I think there’s some sorta WordPress mobile interface but I’m not too sure.

    I guess everyone wants to know immediately if I Biggied my fries?

  3. I’m very happy with my HTC Desire (european only I think). I like the sense UI, and with the unlimited internet account here I can check up train schedules on the move. The footprints app is also pretty cute. Also, tethering with the Desire works fantastic (with Ubuntu). I didn’t have to install anything, just connected, hit share internet connection on the phone and everything was automatically recognized. Very nice.

  4. The Desire is an awesome phone. The 1 GHz processor and higher screen resolution is something I would have liked in the Legend. Carly, how much do you pay a month for your unlimited data plan?

  5. I bought the cheapest phone contract I could find, 12 CHF/month and it costs me 0.2 for texts and up to 0.8 for phone calls (off network).

    Then, I signed up for unlimited data (no contract, month by month) for 54 CHF/month.

  6. I’m almost certain that I’ll be getting a cellular phone very soon. Doing so will be the most deflating thing I’ll have done since I let the air out of Isis.


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