The beginning of June quietly signaled the one year anniversary of me working Burnaby. It’s now been over a year since I stopped commuting downtown and instead have been trudging to the big campus in the suburbs.

I’d like to say it’s been a great year but that would be an outright lie. First, more than twelve months out, I still prefer working where we used to be, out by Canada Place. I may have complained about the elevators sometimes but it was a really minor concern in the grand scheme of things. I miss the downtown vibe and the convenience of being around almost anything you needed. For me at least, being downtown was a real perk or benefit much like medical/dental insurance. Second, the year saw many changes to the team I grew to love. People began leaving even before skate 3 was done. Key pieces of the team left for other opportunities. One guy even said it was partly because he wanted to work downtown again. Then the layoffs came in March and caused a great number of people to be either sent off to other teams or just gone outright.

I hope the next twelve months go a bit smoother.

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