So I assume that a few of you, my loyal readers, are on the social networking web site Facebook. One of the things I like about that site is the ease in which you can post pictures online and have people look at them. For the most part, it appears that people post photos from events fairly soon after they happen. I’m wondering, why don’t you see more people posting photos from events that occurred several months ago? I have photos from the Olympics that I still haven’t posted. I also have picture from my trip to Washington, DC that haven’t made it to my Facebook account. Am the only lazy one?

Who’d be interested in seeing my photos from the Olympics… even if they were several months old?

One thought on “JUST WONDERIN’”

  1. I have a “friend” who posted pictures of a wedding from 5 years ago. People started hacking on her for posting them because the couple has been divorced for 2 years. She responded arguing she needed to post them so her family could see the wedding as they had missed it, then went into a long discussion on how her husband’s ex girlfriend comes camping with them but sleeps in a separate tent. Because that was somehow related to her point. It was almost my first Lamebook submission.

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