Some of my long time (and most loyal) readers might be wondering what will happen with the older version of my blog. As it stands, there is this version and then the older one that I published via Blogger. It’s really inconvenient that all my posts from eight years ago to present can’t be unified under one system. Never fear though! I am going to attempt to convert all my old Blogger posts to their WordPress counterparts. I’ve read this is possible though it will be fraught with danger. If all goes well, even the comments will be switched over. Let’s hope we don’t have a burnout.

2 thoughts on “PROGRAMMING NOTE”

  1. I.Hate.Blogger. Even as a reader/commenter I hate it. WordPress is so much more superior, I’m surprised that blogger still even exists. It’s so backwards! I wish you the best of luck trying to uproot all your posts.

  2. Thanks! I still haven’t attempted it. WordPress 3.0 got released, so I want to upgrade to that before trying to convert my old posts over.

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