As most of you know I don’t own a car (I don’t count the Monte Carlo as a car). Because of that, I’m not in my apartment’s parking garage very often.  About two weeks ago, I borrowed my father’s car and drove it back to my place. As I was going up the parking levels, I noticed a few new cars in some of the spots. One of the cars clearly stood out from the rest.

It was a Porsche Cayman and it was the first Porsche I’ve seen in the complex. That alone should garner it attention but it had an awesome paint job that left me staring at the car. The Cayman was pure white but it had a matte finish. This beautiful machine was stunning by itself,  but the clean, white matte finish made it that much more sexy. I haven’t seen many matte paint jobs on cars so far but this was easily the best example as to why one would get one. I don’t know who owns the Porsche but whoever it is sure knew how to pick a car.

I found a less than perfect picture of a matte white Cayman but it should give you an idea of what it looks like. The car actually looks better with less lighting. This video shows off the paint job much better. Oh man, when I get my Toyota Yaris, it’s gonna have a matte finish.

2 thoughts on “MATTE WHITE AWESOME”

  1. Woah, the matte finish is weird and cool at the same time!

    I don’t know what to think of it actually…

    Hey, I thought you did own a car. How did you drive that old lady to the bus stop?

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