Despite being a PC guy my entire life, I am thinking about getting an Apple product. I currently do not own any Apple devices, nor have I ever. No, I’m not thinking about getting an iPhone, even though today they just announced a new model. I’m actually thinking about getting a Mac Mini for the express purpose of developing applications for the iPhone and iPad.

The Mini is cheapest, most economical way of getting a Mac that can run the iPhone SDK. I believe any Mac running an Intel processor meets the requirement of the SDK, which unfortunately rules out any of the G4 models. A new Mac Mini would set me back $650, which to be honest, is ridiculous but that’s Apple for you. I could get one of the older Intel Mac Minis for about $400 on Craigslist and that would do fine.

The only problem that would remain is exactly what I’d be developing once I got all the stuff together. I really don’t have an idea for an app. I kinda just want to tinker around. At $400+, I wonder if there’s an cheaper way to find a new hobby. What kind of app do you think I should try to make?

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  1. I love mac products and I would never go back to PC. The amount of time I save not double clicking is well worth the extra money. That aside, I heard of an app (havent checked it out yet) that tells the user when the best time to take a bathroom break at the movies, without missing any of the relevant plot material. Gold! In my life I could do with an app that tells me where the closest cheap fuel is from where I am, while working out the amount of fuel it will take for me to get there and adding the cost of that into the algorithm. I wonder also if it is possible to turn your iphone into a photometer so I can work out which settings on my new camera I should use in the varied amounts of sunlight. It would be typical though that this would already exist given that I haven’t bothered to look. Anyway, just some thoughts. You heard it here first, but feel free to use it.

  2. Jo, the petrol and photometer apps are good ideas. If I become a bazillionaire off any of these ideas do I have to give you a share or can I just buy Lily a pony?

  3. Porn is really hard to get onto the iTunes store. Get it? Really “hard”? No but seriously…

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