I believe some of you are familiar with a somewhat bizarre news story that concluded sometime this weekend in LA. A male adult film actor jumped to his death after an eight hour standoff with police. You can read the story here. This porn dude was the only suspect in a tragic murder and assault that occurred just a few days ago. Apparently he had been living at the production facilities of the company he had been working for. Reports say he was either fired or at least told he could not live at the studio any more. During a social gathering of co-workers, he took a prop sword and attacked three people. One of the people died, while the two others are expected to recover.

While most people would just have a morbid chuckle at the whole sequence of events, I found one interesting fact about the case that I’d like to point out. The man who was the victim of the sword attack was an employee of porn company. His name was Herbert Wong. He was an editor for the company and also starred in their films under the stage name “Tom Dong”. I was shocked when I read this because you can literally count on one hand the number of male, Asian porn actors that are doing straight porn in North America.

Asian males are severely underrepresented in mainstream porn. The same can’t be said about Asian females. For every one Asian male doing porn, there are probably 100 000 Asian females. It’s stats like this which continue to keep stereotypes alive about the asexual modern Asian male. The fact that Wong was such a rare breed in his craft, added social relevance to his work, beyond that of boning chicks on camera. What are the odds then that this fool, this moron, had to go and kill Wong? It’s terrible. It was like Wong was an albino panda, something that you almost never see, whose numbers are so low, and he got taken out. A shame.

After reading about Wong’s demise in the news, I had to go look up some of his work. It turns out I’d seen some of his stuff before (that one and only time I’ve seen porn on the Internet, for realz). He played the unsuspecting store clerk when three saucy females came into his place of employment. The rest of scene played out in the back room of the store. It was so refreshing to see an Asian dude service three chicks for once. Wong is now gone but his work will live on. Thanks dude for representing us.

The porn company’s official web site made a post on their blog about Wong’s passing. While that one specific post is work safe, none of the other links in the post can be considered ok, so don’t be doing any clicking. Having said that, you can the read the post here.

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  1. hear hear! A moment of silence as we lower the flag to half-mast. Or better yet, raise it to full-mast as we watch some of Wong’s work.

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