The fourth game that I’ve had the pleasure of shipping is out on store shelves today. It is with some bittersweet feelings that I see skate 3 released to the public. The team that I worked with to make all three skate games will always be near and dear to me. They were simply the best people I’ve ever worked with. Unfortunately, I was deemed expendable as soon as the game was done, which clearly isn’t the best way for a company to show their appreciation for everyone’s hard work.

Nonetheless, skate 3 represents a whole lot of effort from a lot of talented people, some of which don’t have jobs right now. If you’re at all interested in playing a pretty good skateboarding game, I suggest looking for it at your local video game retailer. Buying it would be the digital equivalent of pouring one out for me, your homie. In any case, enjoy the above intro video from skate 3.

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