If you’ve been to a mall in North America, you’ve no doubt seen at least a few kids zipping around on roller shoes. Roller shoes are like regular athletic shoes but have a large, wide wheel that extends slightly from the heel of each shoe. It allows the wearer to roll along like a roller skate but then transition to walking immediately (and then back to rolling). Some roller shoes have two wheels in each shoe.

The kids I see with these shoes always seem to be having a lot of fun when they roll along. They also move at a decent speed which, at least to me, adds to the fun. The thing is, I’ve never seen anyone other than kids wear roller shoes. I thought they just didn’t make them in adult sizes. That’s actually not true. I did some research tonight and they do indeed make them in larger sizes. It’s just that adults don’t buy roller shoes in great quantities. I’m guessing that sales for these things are predominantly for kids. Until I saw this video, I’d never seen an actual adult use roller shoes.

I admit, I’ve wanted a pair of roller shoes for a long time. The kids seem to dig having these things and I wanna zip along with my shoes as well. The problem is, I’m not sure if it’s socially acceptable for a dude in his 30s to wear roller shoes. I just can’t see myself rolling on my heel to the Orange Julius at the food court. Am I alone in wanting a pair of these things? Where could I roll around in relative seclusion and peace?

3 thoughts on “ROLLER SHOES”

  1. It would be cool. But there are a couple of primary differences to notice here:

    1. She’s hot. She’s allowed to do whatever she pleases.
    2. She’s skating in a private residence/walkway, where nobody can see her.

    The best way to make it socially acceptable is of course, via marketing.

  2. Hmm… all your points are very valid.

    I doubt roller shoes makers would devote enough marketing dollars to make it acceptable for adults.

    I guess I just need to roll around in a private driveway.

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